I have created the Pen name Cortalia Ailiosua to seperate my digital art from my design work. I had run into a misunderstanding with one of my employeers who thought that by working for them they could claim rights to all my art.

The name comes from mixing together different names of different backgrounds. Cortalia is a mix of Curtana, a famous sword and Coralia meaning "of the sea". Ailiosua is a mix of Ailios meaning "Alice" and "Ula" meaning "Silver hair". Together the name means "Silver Haired Alice, Sword Maiden of the Sea".  I created it a long time ago while looking for a unique name to give to a character in an online game. I've been using it so long in a gaming capacity that if you were to call me by Cortalia or "Cort" for short, I'd answer you and not think twice so it only made sense to make it into my pen name.

My art is both something I do for relaxation and rehabilatation, I sufferd burnout and was unable to draw due to Chronic Paresthesia, I've since picked up the digital medium allowing me to restart from scratch and rebuild my drawing ablility. I've found that drawing characters for Voice Actors  I meet at conventions is a great motivation and I find it makes a unique gift they really seem to appreciate. I don't take requests or commissions, my art is something I do for myself and doing it to make money, I think would make it seem like work instead of a hobby.



If you haven't guessed, I like anime. I can appreciate all the creative effort that goes into designing characters, animating, and suppling voice to them. What alot of people don't realize is that Anime is a medium and not a genre, there's as many types of Anime as there are regular TV shows. I also believe that Anime Dub Voice Actors are highly underappreciated, after all they have to supply a voice to an existing animation, matching mouthflaps, all while providing the emotion, unlike in the prelay where the animation is synced up to the voice and emotion supplied by the actor.

I'm higly versitile in design program and OS usage, I build and maintain my own gaming PC to play Final Fantasy XIV online. I don't think the only way to be a designer is to run a Mac and Adobe products while drinking $10.00 starbucks coffee, instead I pride myself on being able to use both Adobe and Corel products along with having base knowledge of other more specialty programs like Flexi, Omega, and the willingness to adapt and learn other programs that may be needed.

My experience working the the print and sign industry has instilled a "get it done" attitude and I focus on getting projects done and keeping customers happy not "waiting for that creative spark". It hasn't been un-common for me to design, print, and make a pop-up banner, or other product in less than 24 hours, I'd actualy call that an average Thursday or Friday.  My experience has also left me with a very in-depth knowledge of how designs need to be done in order to print correctly and being able to design for a specific product with very strict regulations in a very tight deadline. 

I'm also very adept and confident at installing a variety of graphic films, attending and earning 3M Certification for the Vehicle Installation Course (VIT Certificate) focusing on installations of 3M Controltac and "Perf" products to vehicles along with the Advanced Installation Course (AIT Certificate) that broadens into working with special films for Concrete, brick, stucco, floors and many other surfaces covering the installation along with the proper film usuage in each situation.


Feel free to contact me.